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anonymous asked buffy summers or willow rosenberg


The Walking Dead Meme || (4/10) Characters

∟ Carl Grimes


"Look, I’ve known Jake forever. Our friendship is little-boy-holding-little-girl’s-hand."

hannibal is obnoxious as shit lately but goddamn i do love me some katharine isabelle

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Make me choose meme: justonechapter asked Charlie Bradbury or Becky Rosen

"They’re not characters who you’d normally see or partner up together. Being stuck with each other, this episode starts with Daryl in a dark place and he doesn’t want to go on and he’s growling at Beth the whole time. But it ends on a positive note. Beth showed him something about himself. He struggles a lot of the time and he’s got a chip on his shoulder; he doesn’t think people like him. But Beth helps him shed some of his old demons and feel good about himself and the need to let those things go and move forward. He definitely has a soft spot for her forever." - Norman Reedus

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make me choose | doomsdayy asked Meg or Tessa?

make me choose: anonymous asked: ruby or meg?

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