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questionable morality, unlikely apocalypse
survivors, self-made legends and dystopian
democracies are what i'm about.

color meme → alana bloom and abigail hobbs + pastels (requested by cosimadelphine)

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like on the one hand i am embarrassingly excited about the possibility that emily kinney might be going to sdcc because of what it could potentially mean for beth and her fate in s5 and also the fact that she’s finally being acknowledged as a member of the main cast and like she might even be in the opening credits this season wouldn’t that be something

but at the same time i’m also v much dreading the inevitable outpouring of hate that will occur if she does go, ngl

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"I was with Beth.. we got out together.

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Lana Del Rey
Money Power Glory


hallelujah, i wanna take you for all that you got

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lisa braeden + smiles

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color meme: glenn rhee + 1 (pastels and pale); requested by sammywasabi

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you say that i’m kinda difficult

but it’s always someone else’s fault

got you wrapped around my finger, babe

you can count on me to misbehave

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tomhannigers said: I made a post abt not wanting white men to write tv shows anymore and sooo many tags/anons were like ‘except Bryan Fuller!!!’ and lmao no wrong, I am including Bryan Fuller in men that need to not write tv shows for a while

lol i literally cannot comprehend how anyone can still defend bryan fuller after s2 of hannibal and all the various disgusting comments he made in interviews but i guess the fact that he calls himself a feminist counts for way more than the way he actually treats his female characters

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k e e p   m y   l o v e   a l i v e  |   michonne and andrea


mirel wagner - no death // lauren hoffman - broken // first aid kit - ghost town // adele - lovesong // heart - love alive // alela diane - take us back // joni mitchell - all i want // wye oak - civilian // first aid kit - my silver lining

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