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i love beth greene more than you do

there’s this popular text post going round atm that’s something along the lines of people are allowed to hate whichever characters they want and they shouldn’t have to justify their hate as long as they aren’t an asshole about it and tag appropriately

and like i kind of agree with it in principle bc hell there are plenty of characters i hate and at least the op is pointing out that it’s not cool to harsh other folks’ buzz

but at the same time i think it is so, so important for people to critically examine why they hate certain characters and give others a free pass. because yeah, you are absolutely allowed to hate whoever you want, but maybe, maybe your reasons for hating x character and not y character make you kind of a sexist/racist/otherwise problematic asshat and you should probably check yourself


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    #you’re *allowed* to hate anything but there ARE bad reasons to hate things and not all reasons are valid
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